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Curriculum plan


CalculusEconomicsAccountingStatisticsIntroduction to Computer Science and LabsData Processing and LabsLinear Algebra

Core Courses: 

Probability, Mathematical Statistics, Sample Survey Methods, Regression Analysis, Experimental DesignApplied Multivariate Analysis, Introduction to Statistical ComputingStatistical Practice,Special Topics in Applied Statistics

Elective Courses:

Industrial Statistics Electives: Statistical Quality Control, Introduction to Stochastic Processes,Engineering StatisticsEngineering Economics

Actuarial or Business Statistics Electives: 

Interest Mathematics, Actuarial MathematicsIntroduction to Survival AnalysisNonparametric Statistical MethodsLinear Programming, Operation Research, Statistical Decision Method

Quantitative Finance Electives: 

Introduction to ManagementFinancial ManagementFinancial EngineeringMoney and BankingInvestment Strategy and AnalysisTime Series and Forecasting, Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis

Computer Science Electives: 

Data Structures, Statistics Package, Programming Design

Mathematics Electives: Advanced Calculus

Graduate Courses: 

Advanced Mathematical StatisticsApplied StatisticsMultivariate Analysis, Categorical Data Analysis, Time Series AnalysisDecision Theory, Nonparametric Statistics,Stochastic ProcessesSurvival AnalysisResearch MethodsReliability Analysis, Linear Models, Quality ControlStatistical Computing

Features of Curriculum

The Department features the Special Topics in Applied Statisticscourse.  This course offers students an opportunity to apply the statistics to the practice after they have learned many statistical methods. By the training of this course, students can learn the abilities on data collecting, reading and using the statistical methods to analyze, interpret and discuss the research results.